Alessandra Caccia


Born 1975 in Milan, Italy.
She attends the Milan School of Cinema and she takes her diploma from the Riccardo Bauer Institute.


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Available videos:

Hibakusha, 5'14", 2011
The voice that tells the horrors of the atomic bomb and the images of a beach where two children chasing the waves. a series of atoms from the invisible door to nothing, understood as the negation of the whole. Surviving nothing, and be able to tell with the lightness of a psalm, it is the privilege granted to the hibakusha.

Caccia/Grilli: AZ345, 4'10", 2003
Choose some comfortable clothing with a combined bag. choose a sitting room to pay installments with a sofa, armchair and carpet choose to slip in a blue tailleur, flight AZ 345 make the right choice the safety jacket will be on your side, the emergency lights above your head, will switch on and off the take-off will guarantee a big breath in alternated rhythm Choose to breath oxygen Forget the launch break and the post office cues Choose the fault, the imperfection , the mistake.

Caccia/Grilli: Operazione TN, 4'42", 2004
Operation tn is a tribute to Monica Vitti in the film "The Girl with gun" By Mario Monicelli. All video and 'built around the sound part, the images were utilizzateper emphasize and underline the dialogue, thus creating' a rhythm that is repeated in a circular motion, a loop always built on the same scene, which sees the alternation of two different female performers.