Barbara Brugola


She lives and works in Milan, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. She holds a M.A. at the Royal College of Art in London and works with video and digital animation. She has participated in numerous festivals and his work has been shown both in museum spaces non-profit organizations in Italy and abroad. Since 1998 she teaches in the public secondary school since 2002 and teaches Visual Education in the Art Institute of Milan. Barbara Brugola is co-founder of the E2A "educate art through art" which deals with art education, especially of the contemporary.


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To See The Sky, Dance - 3'30", 2018
This work is a short Gothic tale.
The character, a feathered young woman, is watching TV at her place in the wood. Because of seeing trapped birds in nets, she leaves and goes where the nets impede the bird's free passage. Finally she arrives to a skating ring, she wears her roller skates and starts to jump and spin. Someone makes her fallen but she stands up and takes up again her skating: she takes a run-up and makes her last spinning while the birds return to freedom

Barbara Brugola – Loop, 8:38, 2017
LOOP is a tale about a fall and a raise and for this reason it had been built on two frames, one's base corresponding with the other's superior side. A double series of images flow, stimulating perceptually the observers in order to create a synthesis between fragmentation and continuity. A human being with a bird head is the character that, because of the path collapsing while is walking in a natural environment, falls and finds herself imprisoned underground. Initially, she is lying motionless but soon she tries to find a way out. Her steps are tracing a circular trajectory because it is like she is divided in two parts, one that wants to do in a direction and the other one in the opposite way. In fact, she can't move, always coming back at the same point. In the surrounding environment, the drops' sound starts to echo, becoming copious and faster. Together they turn into a strong flow that drags her out to the surface. Finally, she gets out of the water, unsteadily she looks around and screechs in front of the sea under the immense sky. The wind is taking a screech back to her: is someone answering or is it a mere echo?

Barbara Brugola & Trond Arne Vangen
Pic nic , 8.00, 2015
The idea for the video is to put on stage another "Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe", basically a picnic that shows a single young woman as the only character. This woman is not in the company of men in the flesh, but their presence is in the woman’s earlier experiences and memories of violent episodes that belong to domestic life, where persons share routines and intimacy. The first images are the ones that accompany the steps of a young woman walking along a path towards the place of the picnic. We see the woman passing along paths in the background of the picture, half hidden behind trees and plants in the woods. The camera focus on details as her feet and back wrapped in a light coloured dress, but not on her face. In the next scene, the woman is busy laying the table with plates and food. You can see hands that put crockery, food on the cloth table, passing plates with different courses. The mood is light, but it is getting stranger as the courses get more and more repulsive and nasty. The picture reveals the young woman’s mouth close up while she is eating, but suddenly she starts coughing...

Lapse of View - 3'15", 2012
“Lapse of view” has been inspired by ‘The Wanderer”, a painting by Caspar David Friedrich. In a landscape that presents the same natural elements of the painting, a feminine figure stands motionless and observing the view in front of her.

A (Veiled) Woman By The Sea - 2' 22" , 2011
A (Veiled) Woman By The Sea is inspired by the painting on the beach of Monaco painter Caspar David Friedrich where a small figure of Monaco is to look at the sea and the sky in front of him, with his back to the viewer, with which it shares the perception of the three elements - earth, water and sky - this scene rarefied. In this work, the video image of the beach and the sea is organized into three panes oriented so that the horizon line that divides the sea and the sky is vertical. In this context includes a female figure walking in the water and that, once you reach the beach, remains motionless to observe the landscape in front of him.

Wrapped Love - 3:49, 2010
In a botanical garden in decline, the wind ruffles the water surface near which we see a lifeless figure wrapped in a red plastic cape with white dots. As if he were a doll thrown to the ground, is related only with the black surface of the water nearby.

Fingers 2.0, 2' 25", 2009
The little Amanita, collecting human fingertips instead of mushroom, is robbed of her basket by a hooded figure which will be beaten up by the unusual loot, eventually given back to the owners. It looks like waking up from a toxic dream but being awake is not so better.

Zone lost - 08'30", 2008
Initially designed as the show of a girl watching the end of the world on television, the video then depicts her reaction to this terrible and terminal event. The artist resorts to a double screen to offer the character’s behaviour from two opposite points of view: on the left-hand screen we face a passive reaction as a total fear has completely blocked the girl, so that she cannot communicate her feelings but through the very powerful mixture of her immobility and glance abstract from the viewers’ world. On the contrary, the right-hand screen is filled with a dynamic response to the situation: the alter-ego has decided to flee from the scary vision and with no less attraction than the former does she freeze the audience with a very slow motion of a possibly endless runaway.

Glowing Blue, 05' 25"
At the center always a female figure: one side his body, the other space. Allen is metaphysical physics: on the one hand there is birth, birth of the image, the other is ... not so much death, other than a state, a fl uttuare between disappearance and output, an emergence and a meet that you never quite realize: the image remains linked to the screen. Emblematic fi gures are the protagonists of the two most well-known video: a sort of neo Ophelia literally inverted GlowingBlue (Forest) girl floating on water with open arms (and therefore female alter ego of a doubly inverted Christ), which then appears as a deduction , not left off, the film surface species and the fi gure, almost a ghost, on the right side of Zone_Lost, who tries to leave the room or perhaps to break away from the darkness which comes to meet us, but every time vanishes, while the girl on the left side seems to have turned into what looked, turned off the TV picture now. (Elio Grazioli)

Trapped Mermaid - 5' 04",1998

Waiting - 2' 20", 1997