Barbara Brugola


She lives and works in Milan, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. She holds a M.A. at the Royal College of Art in London and works with video and drawing. She has participated in many festivals and her work has been shown both in museum spaces and non-profit organizations in Italy and abroad.
Perception plays an important role in her artistic research and often in her works she chooses to combine two frames containing two different points of view.

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To See The Sky, Dance - 3'30", 2018

The character, a feathered young woman, is watching TV at her place in the wood. Because of seeing some trapped birds entangled in nets, she leaves and, after being through a wood that could crush her with its trees, gets where the nets impede the bird's free passage. Finally, she arrives at a skating ring where she wears her roller skates and starts to jump and spin.
Someone makes her fallen but she stands up and takes up again her skating: she takes a run-up and makes her last spinning while the birds return to freedom.

Barbara Brugola – Loop, 8:38, 2017

A human being with a bird head is the character that, because of the path collapsing while is walking in a natural environment, falls and finds herself imprisoned underground.
Initially, she is lying motionless but soon she tries to find a way out.
Her steps are tracing a circular trajectory because it is like she is divided into two parts, one that wants to do in a direction and the other one in the opposite way. In fact, she can't move, always coming back at the same point.
In the surrounding environment, the drops' sound starts to echo, becoming copious and faster: together they turn into a strong flow that drags her out to the surface.

Barbara Brugola & Trond Arne Vangen
Pic nic , 8.00, 2015

In the 2-channel video, a picnic has been staged featuring a young woman as the only character. The picnic ranges from a light atmosphere that soon becomes disturbing. Appetizing foods are in sequence with unappetizing ones and the mouth that tastes the food is shaken by a persistent cough that gradually becomes more and more troublesome.

Lapse of View - 3'15", 2012

Lapse of view investigates the perceptive sphere and it is inspired by the painting “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich, representing a male figure viewed from his back confronted with a rocky and foggy mountain panorama.
In the double-channel video, there is a young woman surrounded by a landscape made of rocks and mist. The observer sees the scene through the eyes of the girl but at the same time, her figure is immersed in the landscape, because there are multiple points of view.

A (Veiled) Woman
By The Sea - 2' 22" , 2011

A (Veiled) Woman By The Sea is inspired by a painting by Caspar David Friedrich, “A Munch By the Sea” where a small figure of monk is looking at the sea and the sky in front of him, his back to the spectator sharing with him the perception of the three elements - earth, water and sky - in a rarefied scene.
In this video the image of the beach and the sea is split into three panels, oriented so that the horizon line appears vertically. The point of view has changed and multiplied, offering views that combine and expand over time. In this context a female figure is inserted, first walking in the water then, once she reaches the beach, lying still and motionless looking at the landscape in front of her.

Wrapped Love - 3:49, 2010

In a garden, there is an inanimate figure wrapped in a red and white dots plastic cape. It looks like a rag doll throw on the ground, it is related just with the black surface of the water.

A Bunch of
Fingertips, 2' 25", 2009

The little Amanita, collects human fingertips instead of mushroom in the wood.
After being robbed of her basket, she will eventually give them back to the owners. It looks like waking up from a toxic dream but being awake is not so better.

Zone lost - 08'30", 2008

My first idea for this project was a girl quietly watching the end of the world on television. The video has been built as a double image: a girl sitting in a sort of box- room and another that is running in a dark corridor. Both of them are facing something that the observer can’t see: one is passive and almost indifferent to what is happening, the other is reacting and running away; the proximity of the tragedy is real but is kept out of the screen.

Glowing Blue, 05' 25", 2002

The video is built on three sequences that are inspired by the Ophelia character: a female figure is floating in a fluid that is water and sky at the same time. The young woman, dressed in red, fluctuating with her open arms in the black water, reaches the wood: finally, she swings her legs above the green undergrowth.

Waiting - 3' 00", 1998

A female character, first sitting and then standing in front of the window, is waiting for something and/or someone: a voice is telling what does it mean “waiting” for her.

Trapped Mermaid - 5' 00",1997

A female character has been trapped in a room that slowly makes her disappeared.