Enrico Pieraccioli


Training in the field of art and architectural studies led him to attend several workshops of contemporary art and visual environment and the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci with whom he collaborated for a few years. His work focuses on research from the 3 spatial dimensions, interacting with different visual languages​​, in order to graft between them, producing new visions of displacement and distortion, and reformulating new spatial and temporal conditions. This research finds application in one of his experiences of collaboration with the fashion world, including LUISA VIA ROMA, and site-specific installations by architects and interior design.


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Emergenza Primaria, 6'20", 2010
Whereas, two thirds of the weight of our body is composed of water, most of the blood contains water and no water in each tissue and organ in our body.Water is vital to the cells because they can easily carry out many chemical processes, without which the cell would die.The video begins with a reflection on the lack apocalyptic element of water, trying to think about how it may be important to humans that lack.Idea of ​​the source as one that generates this element in the video relates the sensory apparatus as a source of emotions and is an emotional cycle induced by a naturally occurring element that tries to recreate the emotion, the tears making the same feelings of sustainable development.This paradox of the man-cycle plant is related to the cycle of water is a possible breakdown in terms of fundamental resource for people as they have feelings for human beings.