Enzo Umbaca


Italian artist born in Caulonia in 1964, lives and works in Milan. The artistic research of Enzo Umbaca spread across languages ​​ranging from video to photography and performance. Through its projects and work seeks to enter into a relationship with the company: using the languages ​​of contemporary art, put to the test itself and the figure of the artist, trying to establish a new communication form with the public.


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Soffri, 07' 59", 2004
The video offers the shrewd balance between irony and willing to investigate the social and political Italian fabric which is typical of the artist: it eventually becomes the opportunity for more generally depicting the human relationships and the role/identity theme within the contemporary world. In this specific case, by mentioning phrases of the famous utopian philosopher Tommaso Campanella, Umbaca offers the starting point for a deep consideration about the relation between the individual and society, with all the relevant hierarchies, constrictions and/or possibilities.