Giovanni Zaccariello


born in Waldshut (Germany - 1982), graduated from the 'Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples. Lives and works in Milan


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Giovanni Zaccariello's Reborn in 5 minutes, 5’, 2013
This work is part of the cycle the white hour-disappear, works that are born in 2008 in search of switzerland in which to dialogue between them more expressive language which the photography, video, installation and performance. Analog processes through, and then i tend to digitize, agisco dissolving printed pictures directly on the pigment through the use of solvents. The ultimate purpose is' that you want to disappear, delete and liquefy image coming to white. A white sheet of paper, a blank slate to how to recycle on which something to rewrite: a new image.

Disappear #1 (series of 3), 3'20", 2012
The pigment pictures inside of the glass undergoes a dissolution by the acid solution transparent, so doing the photo in a time I manage disappears, leaving only a white sheet.