Valentina Miorandi


Valentina Miorandi (Trento, 1982) is graduate in Theories and Practices of Theater at the University of Bologna. She has won two fellowships for attending the Master in Direction of Photography at the New York Film Academy (2006) and the Master in Photography at the Escola Superior de Cinema y Audiovisuales de Catalunya (2007). Has been visiting professor at the Universidad Complutense (Madrid and Cuenca) and has directed, since 2007, several multimedia projects held within institutional spaces (Foundation Historical Museum of Trentino, MAG Museum, Kultural Bersntol Institut). She has cooperated with internationally established artists like Rosa Barba, Elisabetta Benassi, Stefania Galegati Shines, Marinella Senatore. One of her documentaries has got the MilanoFilmFestival 2010 award. Recently one of her art works became part of the collection of MART Museum and is now visible in the Magnificent Obsession exhibition. In 2013 she won the Euromobil Prize in Bologna Art Fair.


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Cross Broadway, 5'27'', 2009
The artist as an accidental tourist struggling with an unprecedented sweep around the soul of Manhattan. The heart of the metropolis is taken in a single frame, without interruptions, the structure of the film is like the opening credits of a movie, that is about to begin, the 42nd street as iconic status landscaping with saturated blunders, neon is crossed by anonymous human figures. Passers-by, transiting the crossroads, overlap each other and become "famous" for the short time of their passage, then vanished and replaced by other ephemeral "stars". It 's the genius loci of this artificial and abstract no place, to choose and determine, during the fleeting transit, the real stars of the show as part of Cross Broadway.
In collaboration with Galleria Boccanera, Trento