David Anthony Sant

Born in Sydney, Australia. My film making achievements are recognized within a significant number of International film making collectives who regularly screen and showcase my work. The films I have directed and produced combine experimental visuals with experimental sound. A subject that re-occurs in many of my films is the experience of location and space. These films are often films about space and spaciousness as experienced in urban environments. Every film I create is an attempt to explore the visual language of the moving image. My approach to film making can best be described as extemporaneous film making.

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TRANSMISSION - 02:24, 2020

Conspicuous facades amidst frequented streets and public spaces are garnished with moderate and subversive declarations that invite and are often accosted with repudiating appraisals. Meticulously edited excerpts align in an archetypal music video configuration.

EXPANSE - 04:07, 2019

Notably disparate Sydney localities. A threaded expanse of colour expands and/or contracts within each portion of footage. The displaced perimeters of the images redefine their discernment whilst whimsically disclosing their underlying digital fabric.