Visualcontainer launches the third edition of the project curated by Alessandra Arnò, dedicated to the research and valorization of video art in Italy: PANORAMICA*23.

PANORAMICA*23 is the collection by the national call of the most original and significant video artworks created in 2022. The selection intends to investigate the production of the territory and provide a current look at ongoing research to share it with the public through exhibitions and screenings on the national and international circuit and as a result of Italian videographic research.


The curator’s selection shows the complexity of the representation of the body and the human through the reflections of twelve artists who investigate with heterogeneous languages the relationship between the physical body and the digital simulacrum, between re-mediation of vision and visual suggestions that reach the current data, raw and recent.

The multiple themes revealed meta-bodies’ obsession with the virtual world, the anxiety of bodies and the self to adapt to reality, and the need to unfold in other forms to claim one’s status. We suppose that virtual bodies inhabit digital space and connect to a vision of another world, where thought becomes a flow of frequencies that deconstruct space and time in a reassuring suspension. In this case, flesh and blood bodies must defend themselves and fight for their existence and visibility. They must deal with social limits and conventions, sometimes imagining changing their skin or living together and implementing strategies to self-affirm or defend themselves.

Within an introspective and visual loop, the viewer is invited to reflect on visible and invisible bodies and, finally, to get involved in a well-known projective psychological exercise.


Matteo Campulla (1982) – AN ETERNAL IDLENESS, 3:10, 2023 

Silvia De Gennaro (1961) – Gaia – Uni(co)verso, 03:35, 2023 

Enzo Cillo (1985) – Destruction of the Field, 12:00 (extract 4:40), 2023 

DEHORS/AUDELA (Salvatore Insana, Elisa Turco Liveri) (1984) – RED, 5:00, 2023 

Carlo Galbiati (1990) – Le mot couleur, 1:00, 2023 

Massimiliano Marianni (1979) – In between, 4:20, 2023 

Anouk Chambaz (1993) – Mon rire est cascade, 2:40, 2023 

Emma Scarafiotti (1996) – Nettuno: Birth of a Shell, 7:00, 2023 

Sara Bonaventura (1982) – Practicing Defence, 15:00, 2023 

Gianni Barelli (1976) – La zattera della Medusa 3:14, 2023 

Mariangela Bombardieri (1981) – Data, 30:00 (extract 10:00), 2023  

Duccio Ricciardelli – Marco Bartolini (1976) – The Rorschach programme – number 1, 4:00, 2023