Visualcontainer has started, under the direction of the artist and curator Alessandra Arnò and Paolo Simoni, experimental projects to promote the diffusion of audiovisual since the early years of its activity. These projects have generated best practices for promoting and disseminating video artworks and curatorial projects to present contemporary, national and international audiovisual research. In this way, opportunities have been created to support both artists and organizations working in the sector, and opportunities for profitable and lasting collaborations, which can be sustained over time, as well as allowing enjoying works and video selections to a broader audience.

In 2009 VisualcontainerTV was launched, a 24/7 streaming web channel that has presented about 150 online exhibitions and continues to present free experimental production of the contemporary scene.

VisualcontainerTV was recently upgraded, introducing an on-demand and pay-per-view distribution section of works of video art, experimental films, animations and performances. This operation intended to reach a new public, the private one, to expand the audience further and intercept new possible “enthusiastic” users who can see and support video art, even from home.

VisualcontainerTV represents a tool for the dissemination of video art potentially on a global scale, and consequently, the opening in 2010 of the [.BOX] Videoart Project Space in Milan promotes it locally. The goal we wanted to pursue is twofold: to support local artists and curators and to bring artistic experiences from other parts of Italy and the rest of the world to the Milanese territory, creating the basis for a continuous and shared dialogue between the places of production of video art. Since 2010, 123 exhibitions have been hosted, including various festivals “Best of”, site-specific multimedia installations, live performances and curatorial projects dedicated to the famous Global Opening.

These practices have led over the years to create a professional network of festival directors, artists, and directors of museums and public and private institutions. They have begun to collaborate and support each other through invitations and cultural exchanges in which Visualcontainer has often carried out a promoter role.

In 2010 the Association organized the first occasion of the “Festival of international festivals” involving Videoholica – Varna, Bulgaria, Streaming Festival – Den Haag, Holland, VideoPlay – Argentina, – Bosnia Herzegovina and Videochannel – Cologne – Germany.

Since 2011 Visualcontainer has collaborated with the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Visual Arts in Oradea (Romania) and the local Tarii Crisurilor Museum. Each year the director of the Department, Gabriela Diana Gavrilas, selects the curatorial theme to create a dialogue between Romanian and Italian artists. The works are then exhibited in various institutional places in the city, thanks to the collaboration of the director Aurel Chiriac of the Tarii Crisurilor Museum, thus creating a dialogue with the citizens of Oradea. In addition, they find themselves immersed in video art installations. Over these ten years of partnership, the issues addressed have broadened the discourse between audiovisual language and artistic practice, constantly from a contemporary perspective and linked to the medium.

The Association is interested in the artistic production of inaccessible areas, where the diffusion of works of art is limited for geopolitical reasons. It has made it possible to promote and disseminate content of particular interest, such as the Festival Window from Gaza from Palestine and selections from Syrian and Iranian festivals.

Since 2015 Visualcontainer has also been conducting tutoring activities with various national and international institutions and universities. This activity is necessary to assist in the individual research of young artists preparing for the professional world. In addition, the experience of the Association, its archive of works and the disclosure practices described facilitate and promote the understanding of the articulated audiovisual artistic panorama and its actors by young artists.

VVVResidency was launched in 2020, collaborating with Simona Da Pozzo and Vegapunk. It is an online residency dedicated to students of academies and universities. It aims to deepen and refine individual research and experimentation practices and ends with creating a video artwork to be presented in the professional field through the Visualcontainer circuit.

In 2021 the first edition of PANORAMICA was held, a call on a national scale dedicated to experimental audiovisual production on the Italian territory. A look at the most current and contemporary video art research promoted to the general public in institutional spaces

These and other “best practices” implemented in recent years have been collected in the volume “The Video Makes Happy. Video Art in Italy”, edited by Valentina Valentini and Cosetta Saba, published by Treccani in 2022.