Visualcontainer is committed to promoting and popularizing videoart works on the national and international circuit as the first Italian distributor that is also involved in a promoting and researching network. Over the years, we have also developed several side projects, including VisualcontainerTV and [.BOX], in order to provide other free platforms that would update and educate about videoart nationally and internationally.

Support Visualcontainer as a private individual or as a sponsor: your contribution is vital to support our promotional and educational activities with reference to both involved artists and local, national and international videoart fans.

By supporting VisualContainer, you also support: 

  • Visualcontainer Italian videoart distributor: the first distributor of Italian videoart, a staple in the promotion and distribution of Italian video artists in Italy and abroad.
  • VisualcontainerTV: a streaming webtv specifically dedicated to video art, that has been presenting videoart festivals, curatorial projects and monographs from all over the world for free. The WebTV is available 24/7 for free to all the countries having access to the Internet.
  • [.BOX] Video Art project space: a small video projection place in Milan town centre that has presented video art international curatorial projects, thus providing the Milan audience with a full calendar of video and new media events. [.BOX] has also become a favourite location to join for discussing and exploring the latest contemporary art trends. Visualcontainer operates only thanks to the personal contribution of the founders and supporters.

Visualcontainer lives thank the private support of members and founders