Nicola Giunta


Composer , multi-instrumentalist , film makers , soundartist , author of soundtracks for short films, commercials , documentaries, video art, silent films , dance performances and animations. He has worked and collaborated with the International Film Festival of Rome 2008 ( international film festival ), Human Emotion Project 2009 ( international touring festival of video art ) , Bolzano FourFilmFestival 2008 ( film festival ) , Roncaglia Wijkander Ltd. ( advertising agency and audio-visual ) , UK MUSIC / Smoothnotes publishing ( editions label and music publishing ) , ' The City in Short ' 2005 at the University ' La Sapienza' in Rome (contest of short films) , InFWA (international film academy workshop ) , LOOKS SOUND 2008 ( international touring festival of media and time-based art) , WALLACE records ( independent music label ) , RomaEuropaWebFactory 2008/ 09 - Romaeuropa Foundation and TELECOM ( video art contest) , Anna Sarkissian (film -maker and documentarist for the National Film Board of Canada) , Damo Suzuki (singer and performer ) , Fabrica ( center for research and communication ) , Escuela de Artes y Cinematography Visuales de la Universidad de León (SPAIN) ( film school ) , Nothern school of Contemporary dance ( UK ) ( dance academy ) , Leonardo Frosina (Director) . Lives and works between Rome and Padua.


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Foggy Mistake, 3'45", 2009
Memories are never totally clear and defined. Maybe the idea we have about them can be apparent, but memories always bring a wealth of images, sounds, feelings and emotions which never follow one unique direction: this brings to rather unexpected connections and to feelings and emotions that words cannot describe because of their complexity. When we store a memory in our minds, it gets covered with dust. And like a book on a shelf, it remains in the dust and is fed by the dust. When we recollect the memory, we soon realize that it doesn’t fit with our relevant idea anymore; it will have become another thing, or better, as being wrapped up with several other scraps, will be more things at a time.