Chiara Mazzocchi


I'm a Photographer, Video Artist, Performer, Art Director. I'm passionate about visual and performing art since I was a child, already fascinated by the mystery of the body, energy, spaces, humanistic theme, Conceptual and immaterial art. I'm graduated at the "Istituto d' Arte" (Imperia, Italy) in photography, direction Tv/video, graphic design (All in analogical technic). I'm graduated at the "CTC" Studio Centre Film and Television Techniques (Milan, Italy) in photography and direction video/Tv (sound and vision psychology, editing, Shooting and image processing, visual communication, scenography, set lights). At the age of 9 I'm chose contemporary and jazz dance, but I didn't feel a dancer, but something different. Over the years, until the age of 30 I'm approached lots of different dance styles, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Afro (with Jean N' Diaye "Ballet National du Senegal), Caribbean dance. I'm have attended a Theater Course which helped me to develop my knowledge about stage presence, gesture, vocal/breathing technique, vision of art in motion. In 2008 I left my secure job (photographer and graphic designer in agency) and every style of choreography dance to start working as a freelance visual artist (photographer, creative designer, video artist, art director) and performer (body installation, improvisation) related at personal conceptual art project, immaterial art, dialogue with myself (self-portraits) and collaborations. In 2010 I'm moving to Berlin to isolate myself from my language, my culture, my habits, my people, my origins, to find concentration and inspiration for my new evolution. I returned to Italy in 2013 and currently I living and working in Milan (Italy) where I'm involved in photography, video art, performances, art direction, humanistic theme, conceptual art. My body gives itself freely as a symbolic and psychophysical means of exchange with myself, the world, the time, the space.


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Sleeping Standing - 4:34, 2014
I don't believe in the time, I believe in the beauty.

Human Alienation, 2'00", 2011
The political and social system that they want to live us, destroys humanity, leaving unconscious in front of everything. The only salvation is inside our-self. I have expressed this tension with the use of stockings, female symbol, which instead becomes death trap inner obstacle to reunification with nature. Nature is the theme that stands in front of my sense of imprisonment imposed on the social mechanism. There is a window that is repeated often alienating to obsessive repetition to natural faults, which cuts the field looking for an intimate contact with me. The video ends with spaces left blank because there is complete indifference around, and the human individual is so sneaky, he doesn't leave traces visibly striking