Aka Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo
Con.Tatto is an artistic group born in June 2011 from the powerful need of two artists, Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo, to give shape to their professional and artistic experiences in the world of video and performing arts. Their work speaks for their poetic intentions to develop a dedicated investigation of the human soul of the contemporary everyman, living a relation with himself as well as the external world, through performing and visual language where these artists let their energies run free to accomplish an authentic and physical artistic act. Con.Tatto employs videomaking and photography as artistic and expressive tools.


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Available videos:

In-difference - 2:46 - 2013

Person-a, 4:26 - 2013
In Latin the word °Persona° represents the actoràs mask and the character the he interprets. This work is about the mask that each on of us wears in life in order to relate to others. Its about searching the truth in the other person. The only way to find that truth is to go over the mask. The act of pealing the mask off is a symbolic performance executed by the artistic group Con.Tatto (Leoni & Mastrangelo) in the search of the others true self.