Davies Zambotti


director and a photographer who has worked on many film set, including "Sorelle Mai" by Marco Bellocchio, "I Galantuomini" by Edoardo Winspeare, "TheInternational" Tomy Tykwer. Through her personal work, she researches and analyzes the “impossibility of human certainty”. Using the video and photography as a microscope/lens she observes the shadows between the interstices of everyday life. After art school, she studied painting at the Accademia Albertina in Turin. She studied Direction and Production Audio/Video in Milan and she attended a masterclass held by Marco Bellocchio. She works between Turin, Milan, and Venice.


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Polyphonic tale. Liquid flows free on secondary words. Levels chase each other overlapping each other, events are justified, canceled, until the next time. Until the next consumption Playful it seems the time of the memory from which the deafening seed of the present is born. The images speak in the silence of the never pronounced words. The matter of reality. What happens every day, in front of our closed eyes. Deafening the ears, reducing the level of consciousness to a single violent and incomprehensible piece. If this is the offer a la carte, we raise the glasses and toast! Alla Salute!