Di Bernardo Rietti Toppeta


The collective Di Bernardo Rietti Toppeta (Francesco Di Bernardo - Alessandro Rietti - Francesco Toppeta), actives since 2010, works in six hands making several single-issue projects, experimenting with almost all artistic disciplines: painting, sculpture, installation, photography, graphics and video art. They share the space project Inangolo


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Fruit machine - 2:30, 2014
In the last few years a socially relevant disease known as ludopathy has been spreading a lot. Ludopathy or gamble addiction means the incapability of resisting gambling and making bets even though the person affected by this illness is aware that this disease may have serious consequences. This obsessive-compulsive disorder which is fomented by the huge spread of slot machines provokes discomfort and uncontrolled gambling addiction and on a long term basis it leads to the whole personal and social destruction of the affected person. Slot machines with their traditional symbols of fuits are the most famous types of slot machines known so well by the collective imaginary. The snapshots want to represent a "fruit machine" where the fruit images are interchanged with the jolly images, that is to say with "the empty hands" ones. The different possible combinations are set up in order to obtain a little gain despite big takings so that at the end the winner is always the machine. The jolly becomes the key icon of the work with its cheating and double meaning: it blinds and deceives the ones who see this image coming out making people keep gambling and at the same time it manipulates reality. It falsifies the awareness that despite so many bets at the end you always find yourself with empty hands.

Fisiognomica, 2'40", 2012
Physiognomy is a parascientific discipline that studies the relationship between the character and appearance of the person and aims to deduce the psychological characteristics of individuals by their body shape, especially with features and facial expressions. The space of the face becomes a place where you can take considerably the character and temperament of both the emotions and expressions of the soul. Physiognomy establishing, therefore, a code of concordance between traits, temperaments and types of morality. The video project attempts to tame the natural plasticity of the face, making it possible to obtain an expression in continuous metamorphosis. The facial topography is completely manipulated and a projection asymmetric light creates a misconception game alternating between face and mask. Emerges in this frame a kind of aspiration for reconstruction of lost between mimesis and fiction of the pose and the imaginative projection tends to the search of the most unconscious of the human face. The work on the face of the persistent line breaks down piece by piece and each fragment assumes unusual meanings. New features, new lines convey an indication of the human character is constantly evolving.

Optical instruments, 3'52", 2012
A movement where the journey does not mean holiday or opportunity for change. The sterile riperpetrarsi the same optical modules traces a route is always the same result from the individual in society is going to passively repeat the same gestures, the same path, the same time. The eye image protocols, then this is calculated from the brain and projected to the heart that produces an emotion. Optical instruments denounces the tendency of the daily standardized methodical where thoughts and emotions are canceled in favor of sterile flattening global and impersonality of the human being.