Eleonora Manca


Video artist, videoperformer, photographer. Each of her work is related to the themes of metamorphosis and of memory of the body. She has exhibited in numerous festivals, solo and group in Italy and abroad. Lives and works in Torino (Italy).


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Available videos:

Uncalled for Anatomy, 01:15, 2015
To acquire awareness of time and space as results of having changed one's skin by watching, during that constant metamorphosis, the only possible final outcome. At the crossing towards a new being that - though not yet different from itself - is about to become so.

Reverse Metamorphosis, 01.14, 2015
The suggestion given by the jellyfish Turritopsis Dohrnii, potentially immortal (it is reported to have a "reverse metamorphosis", as it is able to revert to the stage of sea anemone, reliving backwards each stage of its metamorphosis, to develop again into jellyfish) was here chosen in order to highlight the life cycle of every being. At the same time, it supports a sort of "yearning" for what we were about to meet in our "journey". Thus, a path of metamorphosis, into the heart of the energy of what we were going to "become".

Anamorphosis, 03:15, 2015
A reality, without succession of time. A path back into the uterus, to potentials for future metamorphoses. Before the bones, on the point of being flesh.