Elisabetta Di Sopra


I live and work in Venice. I graduated in 2010 Degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. My research is expressed in particular through the use of video language to investigate the dynamics more sensitive to the size of its everyday micro unexpressed, where the female body plays a central role as the guardian of memory and its expressive language that in the reality of every day otherwise would escape. I am also involved in the promotion of video art in exhibitions and galleries.

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Sensitive Addiction, 3:05, 2016
“Sensitive addiction to initial conditions” is the theory of chaos. Each configuration of a chaotic system is arbitrarily nearby another one, with a completely different future trajectory. Each one of us would like to leave a mark on this Earth. Few can actually do it. The others are damned, anyway, to fight and struggle unceasingly for the values they believe in by producing an amount of energy that does not disperse itself but is “just” able to move a leaf, to shed a drop, to crumble a rocky wall…

Temporary, 5’:00, 2013
A home where disappear one after the other furniture, which is emptied of everything, including the hostess. Home and the human figure are both naked, losing all track of the memory of himself and of his own identity