Mauro Folci


Mauro Folci (L'Aquila 1959) lives and works in Rome


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Esodo/Exodus, 1'37", 2011
Exodus is the story of two lovers, a man and a woman, who decide to commit suicide with car exhaust but had sex before dying. A tragic love story not dissimilar to ones we see in movies, with the difference, however, that the protagonists are older: she is eighty-five, he is eighty.

Noia, 1' 46", 2009
The gesture of the hands and feet of the holy lion alludes, in 'the intention of this project, the concept of profound boredom as well as Heidegger has described sensing an analogy between stunning the animal and the mood of the boredom, the philosopher considered critical to any philosophizing. Heidegger speaks of boredom world to understand things for human beings and for this purpose distinguishes the environment of the animal from the human world.