Natalia Saurin


Born in Buenos Aires - Argentina (1976).
Live and work in Milan


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Available videos:

Contemplazione, 3:33, 2010
Messina (an italian city) is close to Paradise, from the lighthouse to the city inhabitants have to make a "pagan pilgrimage" through the towns of Peace, Contemplation and Paradise.
A misunderstanding about word meaning, a reflection on everyday life and our need to create points of reference.

Dance dance dance, 4'20", 2009
Dance, keep on dancing.
As long as there’s music.
Dance without ever stopping.
Don’t wonder why.
You mustn’t think about what it means.
The meaning isn’t important.

Happily even after, 03' 20", 2008
The video exposed the idea of "forever", the tale becomes cuddle, aspiration and "sleep consciousness." An anesthetic pangs of an unknown future.
In the video is a game in the woods, where I find myself dressed as Snow White I was crossing the thin line that separates the melodrama from tragedy ...